About Emily

This is the most professional photo I could muster. I was headed out the door to go swimming.

You probably landed here because a friend posted a (hilariously awesome) blog on Facebook or Twitter, and now you want to stay forever. I understand. But before you do, maybe you want to know who I am and why I’m blogging.

Unfortunately, it’s not all that exciting. I started out writing when I figured out how to hold a pencil, and everyone always said, “you’re great at that, you should do it for a living!” I did not take their advice, opting instead to rack up an insane amount of student loan debt studying everything else (seriously, everything but writing).

In between taking college courses, I also decided to have a bunch of babies, because I’m far better at writing than I am at life planning. But, it worked out pretty great. I’m sort of a stay-at-home mom, but I also make money writing (under a different name) for a marketing company. As it turns out, changing my major 17 times helped me to develop the ability to write about anything at all. I write content for financial advisors and lawyers, but also doctors, landscape designers, plumbers, and more.

But that’s just how I pay the bills. In my spare time I write the silly nonsense you’ll be reading here, because it’s fun and it’s also how I plan to become rich and famous. It’s working out great! I’ve made exactly 0 dollars but that should be changing any minute now. One of my blogs was shared a lot on Facebook, so I’ll just keep checking the mailbox for those royalty checks. That’s how this works, right?

Edit: I made a dollar seventy nine!

I have four kids. Four, OMG.  I have more stretch marks than I do IQ points. Quit your snickering; you knew what I meant.

Two are teenage boys on the autism spectrum, so I’ll probably write about that a lot. I have one teenage daughter who is a feisty, mouthy little thing, and the other daughter is a preschooler who isn’t exactly tame or quiet. I’ve just recently gotten engaged and there’s a possibility I’ll be adding even more humans to the world! I probably should. It would give me more terrific material for blogs that I can distribute online for absolutely no reason. See what I mean about the life planning?

So yeah. Stay tuned. You never know what I’ll do next.

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